Mission Statement

My mission is to promote storytelling as a performance art and a uniquely innate and critical component of human-ness.

My goal is to effectively share this power through memorable and meaningful experiences that aid and embolden communities through self-discovery, self-expression, and empathy. 

Our stories tell us who we are.  And we are one.

Denise McCormack

Denise McCormack

What's Happening? Love is in the air...



Storyteller Denise McCormack is delighted to bring her performance art to Fringe Festivals and local venues throughout the region.  Of note is her carefully crafted  one-woman show Love Stories.

Love Stories premiered during Philly Theatre Week in 2017 at The Center for Art in Wood and riveted audiences, drawing an empathetic tug from those who experienced McCormack’s soulful performance of literary and folk tales. 

According to Katie Sorenson, development and events manager at The Center for Art in Wood, “Denise McCormack approaches each story in detail, breathing life into them in such a way that captivates the audience. It is a wonderfully unique experience, and we highly recommend attending one of Denise McCormack’s performances.” 

The stories highlight the dynamic nature of relationships and reflect the emotional turmoil that is interwoven in them, especially those of motherhood. 

The program is intended for adult audiences.

McCormack, who has been telling professionally for more than a decade, presents programs throughout the tri-state area, and is deeply committed to sharing the benefits of storytelling in a broad spectrum of applications—from education and community to health and well-being. 

Among her many roles in storytelling, McCormack is the NJ state liaison for the National Storytelling Network, co-chair of the NJ Storytelling Festival, president of the Patchwork Storytelling Guild in Philadelphia, and an active member of various other local and national organizations wherein storytelling plays an integral role.

McCormack's mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.

To find out more about booking this program, or to purchase tickets, go to  www.MagicWords101.com/events... because the right words can do magic!

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